VM&A Advocates LLP is an established full service law firm that was founded in the year 2015 under the name of Veronica & Associates Advocates. The firm transitioned into a Limited Liability Partnership in January 2022 and continues to trader and operate under the name VM&A Advocates LLP.

* Banking, Securities and Finance
* Civil and Commercial Litigation
* Business Establishment, Compliance and Restructure
* Conveyancing, Real Estate and Leasing
* Corporate and Commercial Law
* Debt Collection, Security Enforcement and Realization
* Dispute Resolution
* Employment Law & Labour Relations
* Family Law and Succession
* Intellectual Property
* Insurance, Personal Injuries & Third Party Recoveries
* Renewable Energy
* Oil and Gas

Contact us via Post Office P.O. Box 215-00519 Mlolongo.
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Our office is located at
Luqman complex 2nd flr suite C7, Syokimau, Along Mombasa Rd.


In short, the litigation process begins when the plaintiff sues. The defendant answers and/or brings a countersuit or brings in another party. The parties then engage in discovery (exchange of information about the matter in dispute). Mediation or alternative dispute resolution often occurs after discovery is completed. The process ends with a trial and occasionally an appeal. In reality, most litigation matters end before trial because the parties reach an agreement (settlement) to resolve the dispute.